The Next Generation Of Leaders

To assist in the development of the next generation of leaders and healthy individuals. We have an uncanny ability to help people move past their roadblocks and barriers. Working with people to overcome issues of the past and present is what our team excels in doing. Whether you are looking for someone to talk to 1-on-1 or a group of 1000's we can assist you.  Our goals are to provide tools, motivate, encourage, and help you in pursuing your best version of yourself.

From speaking to large groups, prisons, schools, public events, and private events. We teach classes in critical thinking, development skills, life skills, and financial independence. The end result in everything we do is to assist individuals in improving upon who they already are and reaching the next level of development.


charles r. myles ii

Charles is a Pastor, Teacher, Speaker, Author, and Mentor. For years he has worked with individuals, families, and groups on the process of healing and moving forward in life. His dynamic style of teaching and leading is engaging, motivating, and encouraging. When he speaks, you will feel his energy, compassion, and drive for increasing the lives of the people who are listening and ready to level up in life.  Whether he is delivering a speech to a group of teens, or a sermon to a house of worship, you know he is an all-in type of guy who believes that helping others to win in life is his sole purpose!

One of Charles' Favorite Quotes: "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives!" Jackie Robinson


myhisha myles

Myhisha is a Pastor, Speaker, and Teacher. She loves working with women and helping them to excel in their endeavors.


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