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Wounded Soul is a memoir of about my (Charles Myles) young life. It teaches how to move past the pains, hurts, and wounds that imprison people and stops them from moving forward in life.

For years I had been struggling to live a life that was purposeful and meaningful to me. It was only when I started to regain control of my life and let go of the past, that help me to live life to the fullest once again. Wounded Soul details some of the wounds that needed to heal within me, for me to be set free from the pain and turmoil of the past.

A lot of people suffer from terrible wounds and traumatic experiences in their lives that have stopped them from living a full healthy life, to living a life where they are just existing. This book helps to free the mind and heart where we can function the way God intended us to and move forward in the purpose we are supposed to pursue.

Inside the pages of Wounded Soul, the reader is presented with questions and thoughts to reflect on in their own lives to help root out the rotten wounds that secretly live inside of us.

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