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WOUNDED SOUl the book:

By charles myles

Pain and suffering touch everybody’s heart at some place and time just as surely as our minds touch and deal with the feelings and emotions that clutter our judgment and vision. This is not as much of a self-help book as it is a book meant to help you to reflect on things that wounded you, scarred you, left a gaping hole in your heart and have not yet been mended. I am hoping this book will help you let go of a past that imprisons you, mend the wounds you suffer from, view your scars as a sign of victory of an overcomer, and restore and heal your heart so you can function the way God intended you to!

When I look back now, I am thankful that I did not give up on myself and my life. My goal now is to help people who were like me—people who live in danger of dying daily on the inside because of the wounded souls that live within them. I have learned that pain and suffering in some shape or form are part of the human experience.




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